There is something about winter in Japan that really makes you want to hide out in your house (and under your kotatsu) and just do absolutely nothing. I can see why various animals hibernate for the winter. If it wasn’t for work I feel like I would do the same. But about about a month ago, I went hiking in one of the most beautiful forest in Japan, Yakushima. Just to give a slight language lesson; Yakushima means the island of the old story roof/house. Mind you this going based off the kanji that was chosen for the island. People refer to the beaches of Yakushima as the “Okinawa of Kyushu.” In other words, very beautiful. I didn’t get to go to the beaches because I was more on a hiking trip but they looked beautiful in pictures.
So I tend to avoid words and show more pictures. But all the pictures are at the bottom of the post so I’ll do a little explaining beforehand. We were able to combine two trails with our trip. YakushimaRoute

We started on the Shiratani trail. Along this trail we were able to see the moss covered forest that inspired Hayao Miyazaki for Princess Mononoke which is why the forest has also been given the nickname Mononoke hime no mori (Princess Mononoke Forest). It was from this trail that we head butted in the middle of the Arakawa trail. Which allowed us to hike to Jomonosugi. We stayed in a hut over by the tree and then did the Arawaka trail back out.

This was the first time I have ever done an overnight hike and it kind of makes me want to go hike some more. Looking at the map, I feel like I saw only like 10% of the island so I want to go back now. Hopefully I can do another hike soon!