What I was doing Last week

So nothing really big happened last week, so I’m just gonna post some stuff that I took pictures of that I enjoyed.
First things first!
Check out my friends Blog..right now, please! I’m jealous that he had this idea first.
I’m also going to linking him regularly on my page.

Ok now onto random pictures I took last week.
1st- My friend Michele and I were taking a portrait of this guy out at the Bell tower. I was using my Light stand (with 42″ diffuser). When we got done I just started pictures of her (after the subject left of course). I like to look at this picture and compare the size of the lens to her head.

2nd- This past Friday was a gymnastic meet and of course our top girl, Taylor Seaman, was doing awesome. So now at the Technician, State’s student paper…where I work, we can’t print some of the photos I take, so the first one is 1 that did print, and the other is just a funny picture that I like.