Week 9 – Black and White

Getting a little bit more back on schedule brings forth week 9. We have made it past the 2 month mark! That’s kind of exciting. After next week, I think we will have hit the half way point. Which is kind of scary when you think about it. Still have a long way to go though.

Anyways, the theme for this week as said in the title is Black and White Photography. It was specified to use digital black and white not film. Which if you looked at the schedules of last week, I think was a good decision to use digital. Hopefully in the future we can do a film theme but first I will have to see where to develop film in Japan that doesn’t take 3 weeks and I can use my plastic TLR! All anecdotes aside. This theme was picked because of it’s important photography. Kodak didn’t produce it’s Kodachrome until 1935. And it still took a while for people to switch. So we wanted to look at photos with the absence of color.

The photos for this week are:


Scores thus far!
Brent    11
Jordan  6
Luis        10