Week 6 – Genuine

This week’s theme of genuine was chosen because of the challenge associated with capturing something genuine. It was separates the boys from the men. And that when it is done, it tends to be done well.

On a personal site note, this was probably the hardest theme yet for myself and even at that I don’t feel like I really captured it but I tried to capture a moment that is associated with it. Surprisingly, finding an actual genuine moment is not something you can usually plan for, it happens without really thinking about it. With that I feel like I have a lot to learn in capturing it. Given the week deadline though these are the pictures captured:

As judged by Steve Johnson of Florida.

Photo comments.

In order of rank.

1) Photo 3 I love the genuine reaction in this photo. The only issues about this photo are technical. It is underexposed, but I am so glad you used natural light instead of a color-sucking flash. This captured a moment, and that is exactly what photography is about. Might I suggest a lens with a lower aperture, 50mm f/1.4 is a personal favorite, to work in lower light.

2) Photo 2 Love the depth of field in this shot. The bubbles give a great sense of foreground and background without distracting the eyes from your subject. This is something that is very hard to do. I ranked it second because of the theme. This picture does show how genuinely happy or bubbly (no pun intended) the person is, but I feel like this was a posed situation. If this was in a park with the sunlight shining through the bubbles it would be a more genuine moment. A very close number two.

3) Photo 1 This is a fantastic portrait that is very well lit. You show a perfect amount of contrast with your light on your subject, and his expression is very genuine. I would have liked the surrounding to better reflect who this person is. The whole reason why we take our subjects out of the studio for environmental portraits is to let the environment help tell the story. Maybe this would have helped express why this person is so genuine if you would have done this.

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

– Steve

Brent 10
Jordan 1
Luis 7