Week 3 – Crop

This past week’s them was chosen by Jordan and is “crop”
He says that we often forget such a useful tool in photoshop that can really bring our pictures together. He is completely right, the crop tool is definitely something that we can use to add tension or create a new meaning for a photo. Also it really helps getting those annoying bits that seem to jump in our frame RIGHT when you are to take the photo.
Personally this was a hard theme for me; especially in trying to figure out what sort of message I wanted to convey in my photo.
So without any more babbling here are this week’s submissions.

As written by photographer of Photo 1 on why he cropped the way he did.

This is my uncropped version for the photo contest. My idea was to focus on the details of the suit, and generate a strong male image. I found the eyes distracting, and didn’t like the light as much. I also feel like the chin is probably one of the most masculine features on a well dressed man. I did go back and forth about cropping vertical or horizontal, but ultimately felt like the extreme horizontal crop gave me a more edgy feel, which was what I was trying to accomplish.

As written by photographer of Photo 2 on why he cropped the way he did.

I chose to crop at the tip of the corner before the observation deck. This was because I wanted to block out a distracting white spot and keep your eyes in the complexity that is the structure of the tower. I was playing with the idea of simply and complex, complete opposites but still can bring harmony to life. I used the base of the legs to kind of cut the photo and to back the black sky into a corner as if the complexity itself is domineering like the tower punctures the sky.


Here are the current standings

Brent –    5
Jordan – 1
Luis –       3