Week 2 – Dark

This week’s theme was

The idea was to counteract last’s week theme of light.

So without further adieu here are the photos.



Rob Bradley, was our judge for this week. He is a former photographer at N.C. State and now does freelancing. He added this for his critique and for who won.

Wow, photo 1 is really dark in a twisted kinda way. I’m not sure whether I like it better than photo 3 or not, I like that one too. It’s dark, but not twisted; just dark and eerie. 3 is a very cool portrait and I like it a lot. Photo 2 doesn’t play to the dark theme, in my opinion. To me it actually plays to last week’s theme, “light.” With so much black in photo 2, the part about it that really grabs my eye, is the light being cast across the dog’s face. Kinda backwards, but I think it works better for “light”. As a final thought, I guess I do like photo 3 the best simply because it’s human. Her expression conveys more mystery than that of a teddy bear. Hope this helps.

After the first 2 weeks that brings the score too:

Brent –    3
Luis –       3
Jordan – 0