Theme of Silhouettes?

So The first few pictures you’ll think my theme is silhouettes but it’s not. I just have been trying to get better and show more emotion attached to them. They are fun though.

The first one is kind of special to me, because I got to go shoot the U2 360 Tour for N.C. State’s paper, The Technician. So that was pretty awesome!!

Bono on a Bridge

I went with one of my friends to get her tattoo, so naturally I took pictures. The point is I was able to borrow my friends 5D. Shooting on full frame open to my eyes to a new side of digital photography, that I have been naive for so long.

Marisa getting her tattoo with her twin sister sitting close to her.

To view more images from that please click on the image or go here:

To get back into my idea of silhouettes, the newt image is one of my friend Marisa under a beautiful afternoon sky.

The next to be grouped with the silhouettes is my friend smoking from a hookah followed by a nice long exposure of the hookah.

Brent smoking hookah

Long exposure of the hookah

Every year, N.C. State has an event to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, known as Shack-a-thon. Groups of people build small shacks to live in for the week while raising money each day. Students have to also sleep in the shack as well.

Girl studying in her shack at night.

After having a model show up, I got one of my friends, Ryann, to come the Rose Garden at Raleigh Little Theater to take portraits of her. Chris and took turns managing the flash and taking pictures, while Brent used the reflector.

Ryann in the pond.

Brent with the reflector and Chris with the flash.

So a few of my friends discovered some face paint that was left over at my place. They started painting their faces. One of them took on marks that you would think she would belong in an Amazon tribe.

Marisa with her face painted.

We had an article about a pie baking contest at the State fair, due to judging rules we couldn’t get a picture of the pie.  So, a fellow photographer got a pie to photograph for the story with the previous friend, Marisa, to pose with it.  We later consumed that sweet sweet pumpkin pie.

Marisa looking classy with the pie.

Ryann eating the pie.

Just for fun times, Ryann decided she was going to use her hands to make decorations on a freshly baked cake.  To me this was the best plan that could possible happen.

Ryann with frosting.

Bought a new lens this past weekend, look for a post soon on that.