Snow Day

So on Jan. 20th (day of President Obama’s inauguration) in the central to east North Carolina we had ranging from 3-7 inches of snow. In the north, like New York, they probably were laughing at the fact that we got out of school. Not really the point but it was enjoyable and that’s why I tend to the love the snow. Heck our newly elected governor, Gov. Bev Purdue, even called a “State of Emergency” wow what people will when they screwed up some 4 years ago.
Just so there isn’t any confusion January of 2005 Raleigh got about 2 inches of snow and then about an inch of ice. Wake County as a whole didn’t want to close school or anything and was hesitate about getting the salt trucks out to protect the road, mainly because they didn’t think it would amount to anything. So to make this any shorter, people were driving on thick layers of ice that had no salt because now trucks couldn’t get out and it took me 12 hours to get home that day when usually it would taken be about an hour. Most people had to abandon their cars on the side of roads, churches opened up as shelters as well as schools. It was a terrible experience, I remember sitting on the bus and feeling it shift on the ice.
So anyways the point of this blog is because I work for my universities newspaper I woke up at 9:30 and was out shooting by 10:00. and as soon as I got out there I found a bunch of guys who made a ramp out of snow and jumping over this brick wall with snow boards, producing this image.