Photoshop Friday #1

So, a friend of mine, Jonathan, recommended that I started doing Photoshop a week for next little bit. Basically until I leave for Japan. decision…..why not?!

So every Friday for the next 12 weeks or so I’ll be having photoshop week where I’ll work on a photoshop piece during the week and show off the creation at the end of the week.  Some weeks might be kind of pathetic or week and other weeks might be amazing (I hope). But none the less I’m going to do it!

How I think I’m going to do this is I’ll show three pictures, original/Base Photo, a middle photo, and a final picture.

From my last post I showed a portrait I took of Christian, well from the same shoot I created this week’s creation!

Original photo of Christian

So this was week 1 kind of a last minute decision but let the photoshopping begin!