Japan #2

So I just started classes yesterday, Monday 12, not too bad. Japanese is pretty fun. However I’m not here to talk about classes, I’m here to talk about what I see.

Last week I went hiking for 3 hours, it was suppose to be a 1 hour hike..oh well. That’s what happens when you don’t read directions right.

We started getting lost in this neighborhood where someone redirected us to go through this graveyard…

Japanese graveyard

After then, this nice grounds keeper got us back on the right track… at least what we thought was our right track. We started trekking up this trail alongside a road.

Walking up the side of a mountain

Now we never did reach our actual destination, which was a wild onsen next to a river. We did find a wild onsen though that was smaller but enjoyable just the same.

Esther and Victoria sticking their feet in the onsen

Apart from that we had a nice view from where we were sitting…

I still plan on going back to find the bigger nicer onsen though!