Free Film

So this is going to be an in between mainly because I feel like some things have happen in the past few days that is posting worthy.
First thing:
I got a bag FULL! (so like somewhere around like 40 rolls of film) of free film. My adviser at the paper had some film that he didn’t want anymore that has most likely expired. I have already shot 3 rolls so far. Hopefully going to develop them tomorrow, and will hoping have some interesting effect of them. Yay for free film.
2nd thing: Last weekend I was in Greensboro, NC for a orientation because this time next I should hopefully be in Japan. I got passed all but the last leg of the decision process. I’m really hoping they accept me. Things that will come with me going to Japan is an almost daily posting. I will have my digital cameras, film, and hopefully a film medium format camera with me. For anyone who is interested, I am going to Beppu, Oita, Japan. Oita is the prefecture that Beppu is in. I will be there from March until August studying web design.

3rd and most hilarious thing this week. Yesterday, Tuesday, March 24th, I went to the Courtyard Marriott to take pictures of the Playboy auditions. I met the playboy photographer, Kim Mizuno, who is actually a freelance photographer but does do a lot of work with Playboy. Talk to him while I was waiting for girls to come up. The reason why I was taken coverage for is because in the October issue, there will Girls of ACC and N.C. State was one of the places they were going to. Mizuno let me come in at the end to take some pictures of him taking pictures of this girl, he also let me try out his strobes, which were awesome.