Fail on hiatus

So, I fail. It’s ok but I’m sorry. I was actually going to keep it up but then I just busy again. On that note, I’ve been busy every since but I’m going to try to find FANTASTIC times like these and actually update my blog. Mainly because so much has gone on between now and the last time picture wise, I don’t know if the blog can really support how much I have to show. Ok that is kind of a lie but none the less I do have a lot to show. I decided to keep a few things for next blog post though.  Without further a do, what has been doing on!

A sail boat on Lake Johnson one afternoon.

Brent while we are on the paddle boats on Lake Johnson

A girl kayaking on Lake Johnson.

So I took a few photographers to Lake Johnson to take some pictures. We walked around half of the lake first and then went into the paddle boats and went around and got some shots. It was a fun afternoon. out.

Christian sitting on the life guard stand at a local pool while it rains.

The Agromeck did a spread about lifeguards from N.C. State who were working in the area. I went to a local pool in Cary and got pictures of Christian being a life guard as part of the spread.

Kate holding the flag on hole 16 at Loonie Poole, N.C. State's new golf course.

Bryant hitting hole 18 during the Press game at Loonie Poole

My sister's dog Cronus, named after Zeus's father, while I visited her in August.

I visited my sister at the beginning of August while I was on break and I got to meet her cute little puppy, Cronus.  I wish I could remember what breed he was.

HDR of Lassiter Falls off Lassiter Rd in Raleigh.

Slow exposer of Lassiter falls.

While I was driving after trying to take some pictures, I stopped by these falls located just off of Lassiter Mill road. I was frustrated so these shots and the place and general really calmed down. A place to check out if you’ve never been.

Meredith and Kate posing for a photo to explain focal length

For a photo training I did few weeks ago, I took a series of shot to show focal length and what it does to a photo. That photo was taken with a 400mm. I took another few with a 300mm, 200mm, 85mm, 50mm and 28mm. They and I both stayed in the same place through each shot.

Alex Smith diving for the ball during a match against Rutgers.

Junior setter Alex Smith during her game against Rutgers for the Crabtree Valley Marriott Classic. N.C. State lost 2-3.

Meredith spray painting outside of the Free Expression tunnel.

The Society for Collegiate Journalist spray painted the outside of the Free Expression tunnel last wednesday night for Constitution Day on Thursday, Sept. 17.  We spray painted an American flag with words like constitution day, SCJ, 9/17/09, and We the people to make up the stripes.  and SCJ made up the stars.

Nettie in the Photo studio during one of her designing nights.

A portrait of Nettie in Technician’s photo studio. Nothing really special about it, but a fun interesting shot none-the-less.

Danny taking a picture of film with a macro 50 mm f/1.4 .

So one of the photographers I work with, Danny, took a Minolta 50mm f/1.4, shaved on the back and put a cap on the back that would fit with a Canon body.  The focusing distance is about 2″ or less.

So that’ s pretty much it for right now. I know that that is 14 pictures but I figure that iwll make up for a little bit…maybe :/ Be back soon!