End of Hiatus

o today ends my month hiatus. Why might I be on a hiatus, I do not know but it HAS ended. On a reality note, I have been consumed by Webassigns (if you do not know what they are, be happy) and Photos. Not in the sense of taking new photos but working as the Photo editor to manage the photos taken.
But onto the reason why I have this blog, these photos are going to range from 4th of July up until this water slide that was at my school yesterday. There is also an update picture from my previous post from the Train tracks.
I’ll start with the update. So, last time I showed off my HDR image of the train tracks.

HDR of train tracks

I went back and redid the HDR and tone mapping, to see if I could get it better watching this interesting post from Matt Kloskowski from NAPP. I also took the time to actually do some important photoshop editiing.

I fee there is at least a more pleasing difference between the too.
I’ll continue on with my editing endeavors. I was making a background for a photo of mine, and realized the background that made was awesome but didn’t work with the photo. So I did some searching and found a photo that would work. And then there was happiness.

At the end of June I found out that this camp on my campus was dropping 50 lbs of silly putty from the top of our 11 story library. Can we say Happy Day. I grabbed my camera and was out there. As it turns out. When that much weight, when it reaches it’s terminal velocity, it’s elasticity can not stand up to the force and it explodes!

Silly Putty expoding!

For the 4th of July, my friend and I ended up getting some fireworks and lit them in the back of her apartment complex. Taking pictures of each other and the fireworks all the while. The appending 4 of photos from our joyful explosions.

Fireworks sparker

Fireworks from bigger container, the finale of our fun.

Michele through the Fireworks.

More Fireworks exploding

Michele looking at her camera.

Just last week I was asked to take a picture of the Women’s rugby team, and after standing in the hot in pants for an hour I was able to go home with this.

Girl breaks away from being tagged at Rugby Practice

Last but not least, on Wednesday the University Activities Board summer programs division got a waterslide to have in a field outside of where the paper is produced. So my friend and I set up a remote flash (because it was at 9 at night) to try and get pictures of people enjoying their slide down. This one guy was able to pop himself up on his feet once he hit the flat part and so the picture of him is right before he hit the back barrier which was right where I was sitting.

Boy standing up while going down a water slide.

So the cool part from this event was the owner of the float got up with me and asked if I would shoot pictures for him.  This Tuesday I’ll be shooting pictures for his website. Once they are posted I will link it on here.

I’m hoping to try and not wait a month from my next post, but I can’t make any real promises.