Developed Free Film

So I’m extremely tired, but have been watching likes of Scrubs. I had an Aikido seminar today which a lot of fun, and I learned how to use a sword and bow staff.

But why I post things. so my last post, I talked about getting free film. Well I developed it and got it scanned in this Friday. Made me sohappy to scan the negatives in :).
This pictures is one that I’ve taken, it was definitely quite amusing. it was taken with Kodak Gold film, on a Nikon N65 with a 50mm f/1.4


Following thing. I took pictures of my friend Mandy in the studio when she visted me the other week. I took the time this past Wednesday to photoshop it a little bit. Partly because my friend Sam were talking about different ways to enhance a photo. Mainly using different color overlays to try and give the picture more texture and depth. First I’m going to show you my layers palette from photoshop to give a better understanding of what I did.

The original image is:



As you can see I use non-destructive work flow.
-I first copied the layer
-Than use Channel Mixer to give me this really nice hue to it.
-I than took the original layer copied it again, and use the extract tool to cut it out.
-I switched the blending mode for the hued layer to soft light
-I then made the extracted layer a component of the hued layer by holding down alt and clicking inbetween those 2 layers.
Final image:

Final Image

And that’s what I did!