Design Projects

So what I have been working on for the past few weeks. Now I can go ahead and say that I know my designs/layout are the best. It’s something I’m working on, but I posted 2 things about my design before so I think I might as well do an update with what the final poster(s) looked like.

The first 2 posters are from my Ideation class. We were asked to reverse design a product. My product was the Philips Norelco G480 Beard trimmer. The main person was to look at a layout for a finished product.

Now Starts my Studio Projects. As they go through the projects and posters get less and less together/well designed. Now I loved each of my 3 projects this year. Just my last 2 need a little bit more developing, and by all means, these 3 projects aren’t done by my book and I will finish them. Like I’m going to actually create my chair (the first project) this summer, an d hopefully build my flashlight (last project) and I might 3-D print my watch (2nd project).
I, however, feel like I must give some sort of introduction for the 3 projects:
-Muji: This was a branding project were we were giving the brand Muji and were asked to design something that will fit/feel Muji. I decided to do a chair that dual performed as a chair, I have renders in previous posts.

-Environmental Awareness Project: We were giving a choice between personal medical discrete product, green fueling station, or identification object. I chose the ID and decided to design a watch that would use a chip to display and send your personal information, like at the airport or w/e. This would be to help create less of a need for a wallet. I think my problem with this one is I spent too much time on the vessel (The watch) and not enough time on personal use/the object itself. I still think it’s a cool watch though. The 3 pages show ideation, product, and then views.

-Elements: Our 3rd and final project was to take the element that we pulled from a hat (fire, water, air, earth) and create something that would be based or drawn from that. I designed a multipurpose light. Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish modeling it before critique so I will be finishing up that model with in the next few weeks.