DC Trip

So I’ve been gone for over 2 weeks and it’s like AH! But not all has been a waiste. I’ve been in DC for a week. And then there was getting back and starting summer school. On a bright side one thing I’ve found out since I last posted.  I have officially been accepted to my study abroad program, so I’ll be going to Beppu, Japan next March. So exited!!!
So this post will be of my pictures from DC. Below is a picture from the Reflection wall at the Vietnam Memorial.

While in DC I visited such places as the Smithsonian Museums, the Zoo, Washington Monument, Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial,  WWII Memorial, and many more places!

Next post should be of some photos for the Technician that I’ve shot and my shoot I had with my friend this past friday, that will probably happen in the next few days.