Creating a Portfolio

So I have been taking pictures for the past 4.5 years, but I have never created a visual portfolio of my work. So to remedy that fact, I have put 164 photos that I have taken in the past 2.5 years into a gallery. There is a flash and html version. What I need any and all people viewing this post, I need you to email me ( or leave me a comment on this post which which ones are you favorite. Just give me the file name or number ( xx/164) that you like are worthy of existing in my portfolio. For people who know me on Twitter, facebook, etc. please feel free to leave comments on there.
This is extremely important for me to put together. Once I have gotten enough feedback I will post the gallery up here to show what were the favorites.

While doing looking through the pictures, things to consider: I’m a photojournalist and studio photographer.  So, look for good nature, news, studio, and feature type photos. I need something to display what I’m worth.

I’m appreciate any and all feedback in advance.

For the Flash Version!
For the HTML Version!

To end this post, I took some portraits of my friend, Eilene, recently so here is one of my favorites.

Until next time 🙂