Contest among friends

Today marks the finalizing of a simple photo contest among 2 fellow photogs and myself. It’s as simple as an 18 week long contest made up a contest each week. Each week will have a theme that is chosen among the three of us. Where the winner gets a nice free dinner out of the deal when I return to visit them in August.

The reason I’m starting this is because I feel like my photo skills are dropping and I need a friendly competition to get me going again. After numerous discussion with them it seems they are also not feeling challenged. So why not make it a little fun. Plus all of us have bought new things for our cameras that it feels we have not really been able to really use and test out it’s potential.

So now the pieces are set and the cogs will hopefully start turning!
We have put these few rules forth:

1. Must be taken that week (can not be an old photo) and by you (no asking someone to take the photo or hold the camera incase you are in the photo.)
2. The theme will be chosen on a rotating basis,(Luis, Brent, Jordan; comes out to be alphabetical after the first week)
3. Photoshopping kept down to a minimum, unless the theme calls for illustrations or photo manipulations.
4. A theme can’t be a place.
5. The week will run from Sunday night to the following Sunday.
6. The new weeks theme will also be announced on Sunday
7. You get one photo submission per week.
8. First place will get 2 points, second place will get 1, and third will get 0.
9. Judging will be by a third party person or group of people where no name is attached to the photos.

That keeps everyone pretty much on the same page. Every week I will post the submissions, the following weeks theme and the previous weeks winner.

Let’s see what we get!!!!