Busy Weekend

So last weekend was simply one of the most busiest weekends I’ve had in awhile. It started with portraits of my friend in Pullen park then  a Step Show and First Friday on Friday to a Pillow Fight, Gymnastics Competition, and Grains of Time (N.C. State’s all-male a cappella group) performance. and what wraps us up to today is I scanned black and white film.

Portrait: I was talking to my friend, Susannah, and it was just So nice outside that we decided to go to Pullen Park for me to take portraits of her.  I took pictures down on the grass and by the Train tracks.

Train tracks lead towards Downtown Raleigh

Step Show: The National Pan-Hellenic Council Step Show was Friday night, it was a competition for Fraternities and Sororities at State and around North Carolina. The winning Fraternity was Alpha Phi Alpha and they won $1000. (Not going to lie, was a little jealous). The picture is linked to an audio sideshow that I made for the Technician.

Alpha Phi Alpha member doing a step show themed to Dark Knight.

First Friday: So my friend, Michele, and I went to Downtown Raleigh for First Friday. After going to the Fish Market we were walking around. I was trying to find a certain look for a Brick wall with a particular lighting direction. It is to replace the photoshopped brick wall of the Harvey Quinn that was in a few posts ago. Well I was having fun taking pictures of Michele after I took pictures of the wall.

Michele on Wilmington St. in downtown Raleigh.

Pillow Fight: It was World Pillow Fight Day on Saturday, April 4,2009. A group of people got together in Moore Square for their own pillow fight. It was advertised on such places as Facebook and Couchsurfers.com. I would say about a good 60 people came out, ranging from 5 year olds to maybe late 40s. During the fight,  a girl dressed as Spiderman came out and started joining the brawl.  I didn’t get her name so I couldn’t use it for the Tech, but it definitely helps you get a feel for the atmosphere.

Spiderman(women) getting hit and about to hit people at Moore Square.

Gymnastics:  The NCAA Regional Tournament was held in Reynolds Coliseum. Our girls didn’t do too great, mainly because of the balance beam. We placed 6th; however, junior, Taylor Seaman, did well enough to go onto Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Taylor Seaman during her floor routine.

Grains of Time: It was the 40th anniversary for the existence of Grains of Time. They had a special concert to commemorate them. During the show my sister’s friend, Jessica, was called up on stage to be sung to.

Jessica being sung to by Grains of Time

Film Scanning: So ask I’ve said in previous post I’ve started to scan film. Last time I was doing my color roll. This time I started scanning my black and white film. I would have most of the first roll scanned but the program crashed on me before I got to save them. But here is one of my favorites that did get scanned. I don’t remember which film this was, sorry.

Christin sitting at the computer.

So as one can see, very busy. But quite pleased with what I’ve accomplished. This week is also special because I have finally gotten a twitter account. Name is Kutsuphoto , much surprise there I’m sure. Also, look to some interesting photo shoot coming up. I have been making plans with a few people and I’m Quite! exited.