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Week 5 – Camera Phone Photography

Five weeks down… some more to go, maybe like 18 more to go. The theme this weekend was Camera Phone Photography, more specifically the photo had to be taken with a camera phone! The reason Brent chose this theme was because people complain about the gear. As photographers we are judged on what gear we […]

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Week 4 – Proverb Illustration

This week’s theme is Proverb Illustration. Thought it could be something fun, something interesting, and something to get our minds thinking a little bit more. More importantly to really make an effort on conveying a photo with a very clear message. Now that message isn’t our own, but still aiming for a message that can […]

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Week 3 – Crop

This past week’s them was chosen by Jordan and is “crop” He says that we often forget such a useful tool in photoshop that can really bring our pictures together. He is completely right, the crop tool is definitely something that we can use to add tension or create a new meaning for a photo. […]

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Week 2 – Dark

This week’s theme was DARK The idea was to counteract last’s week theme of light. So without further adieu here are the photos.   —UPDATE—- Rob Bradley, was our judge for this week. He is a former photographer at N.C. State and now does freelancing. He added this for his critique and for who won. […]

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Week 1 – Light

First week is over and the photos are in. I have to begin with that unfortunately there is only two photos this week, instead of three. But one of the guys has had a really busy with his job. Anyways… the photos for this week are :     Once this week’s judge has picked […]

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Photo Contest: Week 1

Today marks the start of my friend’s and I’s weekly photo contest. This week was my week to pick the category and as it being the first week and since photography is the capture of light, I decided to pick ”Light” as the theme. Next week I’ll post what we have submitted.

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Contest among friends

Today marks the finalizing of a simple photo contest among 2 fellow photogs and myself. It’s as simple as an 18 week long contest made up a contest each week. Each week will have a theme that is chosen among the three of us. Where the winner gets a nice free dinner out of the […]

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Defying Gravity

Just wanted to post a new picture I’ve been working on recently.

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The Rumor

So, yesterday was the rumored announcement day for the Nikon D800. I was all excited, I was working at squaring away the money needed to purchase this camera and finally make the switch to a full-frame camera. Something that I have been looking forward to for quite sometime. Which leads to my slight disappointment when […]

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The inaka

I wanted to add this as I said this in my last post. I called my area the inaka. Inaka is Japanese for country side. I thought what better way to describe the inaka then this picture that I saw early in the morning around 6:30

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