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River at the trailhead


There is something about winter in Japan that really makes you want to hide out in your house (and under your kotatsu) and just do absolutely nothing. I can see why various animals hibernate for the winter. If it wasn’t for work I feel like I would do the same. But about about a month […]

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The inaka

I wanted to add this as I said this in my last post. I called my area the inaka. Inaka is Japanese for country side. I thought what better way to describe the inaka then this picture that I saw early in the morning around 6:30

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I’m back

I say this in more ways than just one. I haven’t touched this blog since I was in Japan last April. My bads. But I say I’m back because well I’m back in Japan, and this is something that I need to follow through with. So hopefully should be getting a way to upload pictures […]

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View from the onsen

Japan #2

So I just started classes yesterday, Monday 12, not too bad. Japanese is pretty fun. However I’m not here to talk about classes, I’m here to talk about what I see. Last week I went hiking for 3 hours, it was suppose to be a 1 hour hike..oh well. That’s what happens when you don’t […]

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View from my room!

In Japan

So, I’m in Japan and well it’s awesome. I love Japan, this is the view out of my dorm room window I’ve been here for just about a week now, and I’ve already been to a karaoke bar which was hilarious, draining, and awesome all at the same time. I’ve gone and seen the Jigoku […]

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Me taking a picture of the audition

Free Film

So this is going to be an in between mainly because I feel like some things have happen in the past few days that is posting worthy. First thing: I got a bag FULL! (so like somewhere around like 40 rolls of film) of free film. My adviser at the paper had some film that […]

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