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River at the trailhead


There is something about winter in Japan that really makes you want to hide out in your house (and under your kotatsu) and just do absolutely nothing. I can see why various animals hibernate for the winter. If it wasn’t for work I feel like I would do the same. But about about a month […]

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Week 14 – Blue

Slowly catching back up with the posts. A nice big yay for that. Ironic though, to get this week’s theme around the same time tsuyu (rainy season) starts in Japan,which just makes everything feel all mushy and kind of sad. Well week 14’s theme was Blue. The reason blue was chosen as the theme was because […]

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Week 13 – Joy

Another weird break but here it is. Unfortunately this week there will be only two photos instead of the usual three. One of guys got stuck helping out with another photo job that didn’t give him the time to take a photo. Priorities are annoying, ain’t they! Well anyway, lets talk about this week’s theme. […]

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Week 12 – Portrait

Interesting this week, the theme of this weeks falls back to back with Week 11’s “self-portrait.” The theme for this week is Portrait. I haven’t received a reasoning for picking portrait but I find it interesting to have the theme self-portrait without us in it to anything that would be classified a portrait. Definitely a […]

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Week 11 – Self-portrait

We are in the double digits, that’s exciting 🙂 Almost three months long of doing this. Crazy. Anyways, the 11th week theme was Self-portrait. There is a unique quality about this photo though. The guideline was that we were not allowed to be in the photo. You had to use environment or props to create […]

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Week 10 – Up

I hate when I get off by a week. But none-the-less I post. The theme for Week 10 is Up. The reason it was picked because it was thought to be an interesting idea. Up can be taken in many ways. That is of course a constant joy about the English language. Even though a […]

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Week 9 – Black and White

Getting a little bit more back on schedule brings forth week 9. We have made it past the 2 month mark! That’s kind of exciting. After next week, I think we will have hit the half way point. Which is kind of scary when you think about it. Still have a long way to go […]

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Week 8 – Lines

This post is off by a week. Much to my misfortune, coming back from China, getting sick and getting ready for sports day did not help the matter. But better late than never, here is the theme. Week 8’s theme was Lines when asked why, the picker said, it was because lines are important. Which […]

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Week 7 – Food

This week I’m a little late on posting the blog post, mainly because I’ve been chilling out in Beijing for the past 5 days. Now that I’m in Shanghai, I have a little bit better internet so I can finally post the theme and even before the upcoming week is over, thank goodness. This week’s […]

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Week 6 – Genuine

This week’s theme of genuine was chosen because of the challenge associated with capturing something genuine. It was separates the boys from the men. And that when it is done, it tends to be done well. On a personal site note, this was probably the hardest theme yet for myself and even at that I […]

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