A Fresh Start

So this is my first post, and just a few things I want to say. My main goal for this blog is to post pictures I’m working on, rants about photography/photo-gear, cool information/blogs that I find about both of those things, and maybe they occasional Adobe Photoshop tutorial if I deem necessary as I do get upset with most Photoshop tutorials, especially published books.

Secondly I’m going to post my gear simply because I know that it makes it seem like people can see where I’m coming from in my photography and gear post.
I use a:
D300 (newly bought)
D50 (had since Feb. 2007)
18-55mm (f/3.5-5.6)
28 mm (f/2.8)
50 mm (f/1.8)
85 mm (f/1.8)
SB800 Flash

Also I use a N65 film camera, and I roll and develop my own film.

I’m hoping to post some sort of photo I took that I thought was cool, or one that I’m in the process of editing almost every other day or so. As I am studying Industrial Design and work as a photographer for a paper that might not always be possible but enjoy!